Sweetheart Month

Happy 2018!

Things have continued to be pretty quiet here on the blog, for a couple of reasons. Last year we welcomed twins into our family, so 2017 was a bit of a blur! It has been great fun and chaos having 3 little ones. And the other reason is that Hannah’s heart function continues to be stable, praise God.

Our family of 5 at the twins 1st birthday in January 

We had a couple visits to Hannah’s cardiologist last year, and he’s happy with how her current circulation is working. We’re still waiting for her next, and hopefully final, surgery to be scheduled (called the Fontan). The right timing is important – Hannah needs to be as big as she can for her lungs to cope with the new circulation, but the bigger she gets the lower her oxygen levels drop. The optimal time for surgery will probably be sometime towards the end of this year into next year. We’re continuing to learn to trust God in the waiting and enjoying the time we have with our energetic, opinionated, wonderful toddler.

In the meantime, the HeartKids charity are gearing up for Sweetheart month. They use February, hearts and love and all that, to raise much needed funds for research and awareness into Congenital Heart Disease. Here are some common facts about CHD…

CHD Facts

We’re thankful for the support we received from HeartKids when Hannah was in hospital, and the ongoing connections I have with other heart parents, mainly online.

In the past I’ve really enjoyed participating in the daily photo challenge on instagram (follow @HeartKids for lots of cute photos), which I’ll be attempting again this year. Keep an eye out for HeartKids representatives fundraising at your local train station or in the city in mid February. You can find out more about HeartKids and ways to support them on their website.

I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits,
    and in his word I put my hope. – Psalm 130:5