Hospital glimpses

Hospitals are funny places. Your whole world shrinks into several square metres, restricted by the length of tubes and monitoring cables and structured around observations, doctors visits and medicine intervals. You can easily lose track of time, and become oblivious to what’s going on in the outside world. 

How do you avoid going stir crazy? For us we’ve tried to go for a walk when Hannah’s asleep or someone is with her. Here are some of the things we’ve found on our travels… 

A place to be quiet, reflect and pray
Did you know CHW is a registered art gallery? This is one of my favourites
One nurse had a fun way to keep a sad little boy in PICU entertained
Having an MRI must be scary for kids, hopefully being able to practice helps
Not sure who this guy belongs to but he was keeping an eye on the carpark
I look forward to our Hannah playing here soon!
Down the back of the hospital is the site of Rev Samuel Marsden’s mill and farm from 1812

Hannah is steadily improving. It’s wonderful to see her wanting to sit up, chew on things and watch people again. And the smiling! Oh the smiling. The nurses seem quite smitten with her when she flashes them her cute open-mouthed smiles. She’s now fully breastfeeding too. These are great answers to prayer. However, she still doesn’t like taking her medications so her has NG tube remains. Once her virus goes and her throat feels better I think we’ll be on the home stretch. 

Please give thanks for…

  • Hannah’s continued improvement
  • Her smiles and the joy they bring
  • Comfort and certainty we have in Jesus

Please pray for…

  • Wisdom working out what causes Hannah pain or discomfort 
  • Her throat to heal and be rid of the virus
  • Rest and refreshment for us

But I trust in your unfailing love, my heart rejoices in your salvation. – Psalm 13:5 


3 thoughts on “Hospital glimpses

  1. Yes, agree with the concept of time and space.
    Enjoyed the photos …. But particularly hearing those beautiful smiles have returned.
    J x


  2. Those smiles are such a good sign of Hannah’s improvement and we thank the Lord for that . Will keep praying. Love, Carole and Graham


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