A few bumps in the road

 It’s been a busy couple of days! Hannah was discharged from ICU and moved to the cardiac ward. Overall she’s doing well. 

On her way to the ward

As sedation has worn off Hannah’s become more alert which is wonderful. But with less sedation she is more uncomfortable. Her head, throat, chest and tummy all seem to be hurting at the same time for different reasons. Getting the balance of pain meds right can be tricky – and she’s not able to tell us exactly what’s wrong or how things feel.

It’s easy to feel impatient – I want Hannah’s recovery to be textbook smooth so that we can take her home asap. But I have to keep remembering the end game – a happy, healthy Hannah. That might take time. Actually I’m sure it will.

One hiccup is Hannah seems to have picked up a respiratory virus. When combined with the breathing tubes she had it means her throat is super sore, her cries are very croaky and she doesn’t want anything near her mouth. Her naso-gastric (NG) feeding tube was taken out when she seemed to be tolerating a bottle or small breastfeeds, but 12 hours later it was put back in as she couldn’t keep anything down. While I initially was disappointed at the step backwards, as soon as the tube was back she settled, kept her pain meds down and could have a good sleep. I sat watching her peaceful face for some time after I should’ve gone to sleep myself!


Hannah’s ward is under the sea themed
Being on the cardiac ward does mean a bit more freedom. One of us is able to stay next to her bed at night on a fold out couch. At the moment we’re taking it in turns so that we both can get a proper sleep at home every second night. We’re also able to dress her in her own clothes and yesterday could take her for a walk down the corridor. Usually Hannah’s really interested in people so I wonder if she finds the hospital bed boring! We’ve brought in some toys and books to keep her occupied. These little bits of normality are precious.
Please give thanks for…

  • Hannah’s recovery so far and that she’s now more alert
  • The glimpses of normality we have back now that Hannah’s out of ICU
  • The “pamper the parents” day at CHW and the break many could have from hospital life

Please pray for…

  • Patience and trust in God for us when Hannah’s recovery doesn’t go as smoothly as we’d like
  • Continued wisdom for the medical team looking after Hannah
  • Good sleep for us all 

(Jesus said) Come to me all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. – Matthew 11:28 


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