More surgery, more friends

The last few weeks at home have been wonderful – Hannah is now sitting up by herself for short periods and becoming very interested in food! Once we’re home from hospital we will see what she thinks of solids. She has also remained in good health.

Gus received a soggy card from Hannah for his first Fathers Day :)
Gus celebrated his first Fathers Day with a soggy card from Hannah 🙂

We are now very close to Hannah’s next operation going ahead. It has been delayed once more, but her surgeon has said that it will not be moved again which is a relief.

Thank you for continuing to support us with love and prayer. I can’t explain how encouraging it is to read your comments or texts or emails or chat when we see you in person. God has been so kind in providing us with you all. Thank you.

As you continue to pray for us, can I be bold and ask you to add another family to your prayers this week?

In God’s providence there will be another Moore Theological College family spending time at CHW with us. In July, Kat and Mick welcomed beautiful little Sophie into their family. Sophie has down syndrome and two holes in her heart (approximately 50% children with down syndrome also have a heart condition, which you can read more about here). She is scheduled to have her operation around the same time as Hannah, by the same surgeon.

Kat, Mick and Sophie
Kat, Mick and Sophie

Knowing another child being operated on at the same time is a pretty unique thing to happen once. For it to happen twice is quite unbelievable (read about our other college friends who’s daughter Evelyn was operated on before Hannah last time here). But just as with everything else in our lives, we believe God is sovereign and that this timing isn’t a mistake or coincidence.

Kat and Mick share the trust we have in Jesus, and we are so thankful to God for his kindness in providing us with each other for encouragement and support.

Hopefully when I write next we will be looking after our little one in PICU (paediatric intensive care unit) following her surgery. In the mean time, thank you for continuing to pray for us.

Please give thanks for …

  • Kat, Mick and baby Sophie – for their family and life in Jesus Christ
  • Hannah’s continued good health and development
  • Our friends and family and the way the love and care for us

Please pray for …

  • Hannah and Sophie’s operations to go ahead smoothly and in God’s timing
  • Our trust to continue to be in Jesus and not ourselves
  • Good sleep the night before the operation and that Hannah would not get distressed during her four hours of fasting before the operation

 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. – Romans 8:28


3 thoughts on “More surgery, more friends

  1. Hi Sarah, Hannah looks absolutely beautiful and so healthy. I am glad it’s getting close to happening then you can all get on with recovery. Love from the mob from the West! Xxx


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