She’s arrived! 

Praise God for the safe delivery of Hannah Fleur very early this morning, 12:15am, 8th April 2015 weighing 3.56kg (7 pounds 14 ounces in the old system). We are absolutely smitten!

After feeling pre-labour tightenings for several days my labour started properly on Tuesday morning. We headed to hospital at lunchtime, but needed my waters broken at about 8pm and some hormones with an epidural after that to encourage the last progression of labour. What the human body is able to do is astounding.

With a room full of medical professionals Hannah was born and immediately started crying. I couldn’t have anticipated how much of a relief that sound was to hear – a sign of a good set of lungs!!

She was placed on my chest briefly while Gus cut her umbilical cord, and then the NICU team put her on the special resus trolley and started preparations for her trip to WCH.

 During that time Gus was able to have a cuddle with his precious daughter and before they left for the Grace Centre my bed and hers were wheeled together so that I could stroke her face for a couple of minutes.

 Once at the Grace Centre Hannah had an ultrasound that confirmed her diagnosis of Tricuspid Atresia.

I spent a few hours in the maternity ward and then got to go down to the Grace Centre via wheelchair this morning with Gus to meet with the NICU and cardiac specialists. As expected, Hannah will need surgery sometime in the next week.

Please give thanks to God with us for Hannah’s arrival and the many answered prayers along the way. We had wonderful midwives and a great obstetrician and so felt well supported throughout.

Please continue to pray for wisdom for us and the doctors looking after Hannah. Pray that Hannah would grow strong and healthy to cope with the surgery well.

We chose Hannah’s name because…

Hannah means grace or God’s undeserved favour in Hebrew. In the Old Testament Hannah is the prophet Samuel’s mother, and she trusts in God despite much uncertainty in life. In 1 Samuel 2:1 she prays:

“There is none holy like the LORD: for there is none besides you; there is no rock like our God.”

Our prayer is that our daughter would also grow up holding fast to this truth.

Fleur was Gus’s much loved sister who passed away almost 12 months ago. We miss her very much, and know she would’ve loved to meet her niece as she adored babies.

Thank you for your prayers and love for our expanding family.


10 thoughts on “She’s arrived! 

  1. Warmest congratulations to you both. Lots of hugs and love to the 3 of you especially Hannah. Special huge hug to your parents too.
    Julianne Ross Allcorn


    1. Dear Sarah and Angus,

      A very warm welcome to Hannah Fleur Cameron.

      We are so grateful you were able to carry her to full term Sarah, to enable her to have the strength she will require for her future procedures .

      Family members are beginning to say whom she resembles. (all want to claim resemblance )

      May she continue to have the love , support and encouragement from your family and friends to enable Hannah, a long , happy and healthy life.

      We love her name and can’t wait for a cuddle.

      With lots of
      GREAT Aunty J
      GREAT Uncle G
      PS well done Mummy:))))))and of course Daddy 🙂


  2. My love and congratulations to you both. A big welcome to precious Hannah. Fleur. I adore her names. No wonder you are besotted with her. Mother nature is amazing. God bless you all. Jenni


  3. Dear Sarah and Gus

    Congratulations on the safe arrival of Hannah. She looks quite alert in the photo! I hope all goes according to plan in the weeks ahead. I am keeping you in my prayers.



    Sent from Windows Mail


  4. whoops i assumed you were having a boy!!! maybe from calling her baby Cameron :p
    we are and will keep praying for you and her! Praise God for the vaginal delivery!!! and for the beautiful girl 🙂 🙂


  5. What a beautiful little girl! Praying for surgery and recovery to go smoothly so you can all go home very soon! Xx


  6. Congratulations to you both on the birth of Hannah Fleur. Will pray for surgery She looks beautiful and a perfect size love Carole & Graham


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