Supporting Us

Throughout my pregnancy we have been overwhelmed by the love and support shown to us by family and friends. Thank you for your prayers, lovely comments, emails, sweet text messages and hugs – we really do appreciate them 🙂

Lots of people have also asked how they can support us in coming weeks and months once Baby Cameron arrives. So to help avoid confusion here are three areas in which you can help us and Baby Cameron: prayer, visitors and meals.


The most important and helpful way that you can support us is in prayer. The picture in the Bible is that God delights to hear his people pray to him, and works through their prayers to bring about his will in our world.

A particular Bible verse I’ve found comforting throughout my Christian walk is Philippians 4:6-7:

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Prayer is not about eloquent words or a special time or place, it’s about expressing our dependence on God. And prayer is not effective because we “do it right”, but because we have a great God who through Jesus graciously listens.

I’ve been reminded a number of times in the last 12 months that God doesn’t always answer our prayers in the way that we would hope or expect. But he does answer them, according to his perfect will and purpose.

So what to pray? Here are some suggestions:

Give thanks …

  • For the excellent medical care we have access to. For the doctors, nurses, support staff and others at the Westmead hospitals. For their skills, education, knowledge and care.
  • For our family and friends and they way they have supported us throughout my pregnancy.
  • For Jesus, that through his death and resurrection he has given us a hope beyond this world that can neither perish nor fade.

Pray …

  • That ultimately our trust would be in Jesus and not in ourselves – no matter what happens.
  • For a smooth labour and delivery so that both the baby and I are as stress free as possible.
  • For wisdom for the specialists making decisions about the baby’s surgery and care in NICU.
  • For wisdom for us making decisions for how best to care for and love our baby.
  • That our baby would grow up to be strong and healthy, but more than that, that they would trust Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.


As I mentioned in my last post, welcoming babies into the world is usually a time of great excitement – involving lots of visits and cuddles. But for Baby Cameron those things might (will) be delayed a little while.

While the baby is in the Grace Centre (read more here about what we’re expecting the baby’s first few weeks to look like) Gus and I are able, in fact encouraged, to visit whenever we like. However, there are strict guidelines for any other visitors. There are limited visiting hours each day, and only 2 visitors are allowed to be with the baby at a time, one of which needs to be Gus or myself.

We are also expecting the baby to have regular medical checkups throughout the day and night, which can make time very disruptive. And just generally, if you’ve ever spent time in an intensive care unit you will know how emotionally confronting they can be – something I think is only intensified by it being a newborn ICU.

So, as we have no idea what the first few days / weeks of Baby Cameron’s life will look like, we have decided to limit visitors to our immediate family and several close friends.

Our intention is not to offend or hurt, but to focus on Baby Cameron’s care and wellbeing. And so we hope you will understand and support us in this decision.

Once we have a clearer picture of what our time in hospital will look like and more of an idea of when we’ll be coming home we do hope to be able to see more of you!

And we will try to keep sharing updates (and photos!) of Baby Cameron so that you know how we’re going.


The third way some of you have asked if you can support us is by providing meals, thank you so much for these very generous offers.

We know from experience spending time in ICU when Gus’s sister Fleur was sick last year that you often lose track of the time of day, weather, news, and other general things going on around you. Remembering to eat usually goes out the window too!

So to make things simpler and ensure we eat properly and regularly, we have decided to order Lite n’ Easy meals during our time at WCH. Their delivery divides everything into packages labelled for particular meals e.g. “Day 1: Lunch” which removes the guesswork from cooking / cleaning up.

We recognise though that the time after we bring Baby Cameron home will probably be quite tiring. It’s also unknown at this stage what ongoing medical care the baby will need. Not having to cook much during that time will probably be quite helpful! We will see how things go and make that decision when our stay at WCH is coming to a close.

Thank you 

We are so excited to welcome Baby Cameron into this world, and are particularly thankful to God for the wonderful friends and family he has surrounded us with. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Supporting Us

  1. Just wanted to let you know that last month our Bible study hereine in NYC adopted you guys, or rather nominated ourselves as sort of prayer partners for you. The blog is a great way for us to be updated and pray on point!

    we were separated from our little one when she was about 24 hours old and honestly it was harder than I could have imagined. You are so full of hormones and emotions that it heightens everything. I’m therefore praying particularly for that, for strength and comfort in the moments when you have to say goodbye, or even if like us you are right there but separated by glass and unable to cuddle.

    I am thankful to our heavenly father for every blessing he gives us in Christ. Blessings in times of tears and times of laughter alike. I am also thankful to him for oneness in Christ even though I’m so far away.


    1. Hi Kat,

      Thank you – what a wonderful thing God has given us in brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world 🙂 we feel very humbled to be prayed for and supported by your group. We will definitely try to keep the prayer points updated!

      Love Sarah xx


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